Friday, August 12, 2011

Plowing New Ground

A new blog site islike plowing new ground: I never know when i'm going to hit a stump. It also reminds me of a man's first solo flight: what would my intructor tell me to do now? Hopeflly, sone patient reader will give me some pointers.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Too Soon Old, Too Late Smrt

What a mes I'm in! Too late, I found out there are three lines of work a man should not choose, if he loves to bask in a sense of accomplishment and knowing he has done well in his working years. The three occupations are: preacher, probation officer and writer. A man can preach 'til his throate is sore and he becomes short of breathe and find there are more sinners around than when he started at a tender young age. A man such as myself can for forty years in the criminal justice field as a probation/parole officer and as a constant watcher of news programs will find there are more criminal acts being committed today than when he was a stary=eyed do gooder. But the most disappointing of all is the third: writer. Anxious to get my stories out to anxious readers who would surely enjoy and benefit from reading about my experiences, I discovered that people don't read anymore. What a jolt. Maybe I shold have remained a farmer. People have to eat.